Top Soil for All Your Needs

Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil. It is also the layer that supports the majority of organic matter found in soil. The loosely packed topsoil provides nutrients for growth to most plants and trees. Because of these facts, its importance in gardening is immense and can’t be stressed enough. 
Top soil is the layer of soil that is visible to the naked eye. Quality topsoil can add to the beauty of a park, a garden, or even a football stadium. 
LJ Mascaro is a renowned seller of topsoil to homeowners, landscape projects, greenhouses, nurseries, fields and parks, contractors, and sports stadiums. With our operations spanning Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah counties, we have served thousands of satisfied customers in our proud history of 36 years! 

Topsoil Varieties  

Here are the different varieties of top soil that we sell and deliver:

Screen Top Soil

The kind of topsoil that is free from debris such as rocks, roots, and twigs - in fact almost any material that has not been completely decomposed to form a part of the soil - is referred to as screened topsoil. Extensively employed in landscaping projects and the ideal soil for a beautifully laid out garden or park, the screened variety of topsoil has always been one of our top sellers. We supply AAA screened topsoil and blended topsoil of the highest quality to meet the various needs of our customers. 

Unscreened Top Soil

This is topsoil that has not been processed. Straight out of excavation sites, it’s likely to contain rocks, roots, twigs, and other debris. Great for filling low-lying land and leveling purposes, we supply unscreened soil that is lab-tested and perfect for needs of contractors and farm owners. 

Mulch Mixed Topsoil

Screened topsoil conditioned to meet the requirements of greenhouses, nurseries, and gardens by the addition of organic matter is known as mulch mixed topsoil. We sell only quality mulch mixed topsoil that has improved soil structure to support better drainage. If you’re interested in gardening, mulch mixed topsoil is what you need.
We have the capability to deliver any load of topsoil varieties to your home, nursery, construction site, or wherever you need it. Our top soil is tested and is of the highest standards. You can drop by to test our samples. Call us today for a quote.

Top Soil Delivery

How much top soil do you need? Give us a call and we will help you determine the quanity of top soil that you will need for your next project! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to have the dirt, compost, mulch, top soil, or other gardening products delivered to your door. See more information on our delivery services.